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Benefit from our Business Solutions

Epicor software enables businesses like yours to benefit from a range of efficiencies, all with a proven impact on bottom-line profitability.

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Real-Time Traceability

Actionable visibility into business operations empowers effective decision-making.


Workforce Efficiency

Through real-time performance data and the elimination of manual data collection.


Future-Proofing Technology

Future-proofing through the replacement of soon-to-be obsolete technology.


Supply Chain Management

Stronger cost control and ongoing supply chain management increases profitability.

You Would Be in Good Company

“Epicor has helped us grow our business by streamlining our operations and enabling tools that allowed us to monitor our sales accounting and inventory processes. The proficiency of our inventory gives us confidence in the information we access every day.”


– Lori Rutterford, a leading electronic components distributor

Leaders Across Industries

With knowledge and insight across industries, we provide business software solutions that help you grow your business.


Agriculture and Food

Ensuring incremental cost savings and efficiencies in an industry that faces erratic weather conditions and ever-increasing customer expectations.


Electronics and High-Tech

With business solutions as cutting-edge as the products manufactured, electronics business enjoy peace of mind with 24/7 traceability.


Plastics and Rubber

We help manufactures increase quality and productivity while reducing waste for streamlined operations and bottom-line benefits.


Print and Packaging

With improved workforce efficiencies and outputs, print and packaging businesses benefit from the improved productivity while minimizing wastage.


Supply Chain

With 24/7 traceability, supply chain companies are able to manage their entire logistics chain with ease and make informed business decisions.


Other Industries

From automative, energy and construction to manufacturing industrial machinery, metals, medical devices and discreet manufacturing.

A Range of Solutions

We leverage Microsoft technology to provide you with the digital transformation your business needs, packaged in a solution that fits you best.

Epicor ERP

Comprehensive business software solutions and future-proofing technology available on premises or in the cloud.

Cloud ERP

Enjoy the improved security, business continuity and collaboration capabilities of data in the highly accessible cloud.

Industry 4.0 iOT Solutions

Advanced MES for the smart factory and farm with production control software that provides instant monitoring and control.

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