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ERP should inspire your business, not complicate it.

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Smarter Decisions Faster

Decisions are only as good as the input that informs them. With that in mind, Epicor ERP gives you the right data in real time in a format that makes sense. It's social to let teams collaborate and share information that was once slioed. It's mobile to take away barriers. It's easy-to-use by anyone, anywhere, anytime. Which is smart.

And while we're at it, here are three smart papers on implementing ERP in your organization:

ERP in Manufacturing:
The Evolving ERP Strategy

"Best in Class Manufacturers are 2X more likely to have the ability to share data with the extended enterprise."

5 Ways ERP Can Help
You Implement Lean

"Lean principles can and should be applied to activities that reach beyond the walls of the plant and office."

12 Criteria for Selecting the
Best ERP System Replacement

"An ERP replacement system should be future proof."

Epicor ERP is built to bring out the best in your business. It's the first collaborative ERP solution that inter-connects entire organizations, while connecting them ever more closely to the world beyond. Epicor ERP ensures that everyone is able to interact with greater effectiveness and participate in the business conversations that will ultimately drive profitability and growth.

Epicor ERP lets you focus on running your business, not the software it runs on. It delivers more accurate, more transparent―more powerful―information, in real-time.
Epicor ERP lets you spend more time analyzing data and less time compiling it. It represents more than reporting and compliance improvements―it's a competitive performance tool.
Easy to deploy and manage, Epicor ERP delivers faster time-to-value and creates self-sufficient users, while reducing reliance on 3rd party tools and resources.